​How to make your property shine

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​How to make your property shine

Making your property stand out from the crowd can be difficult, but there are some key things you can do to ensure it really shines and attracts the right type of buyers

Though marketing your property falls under the responsibility of your sales agent, it’s important you have a clear idea of how to successfully market your property.

Then you can be sure that the agent is doing everything they can to make your property really shine.

Here are our top tips to making your property stand out…


Good photography is key when it comes to marketing your property. The photos are the first thing a prospective buyer will see and encourages the buyer to take a closer look.

Your photos should compliment and enhance your description, so make sure you clearly depict the features and benefits you have listed in your description.

People generally spend a lot of time in the kitchen and bathroom. It’s a good idea to include photos of these areas – particularly if they are large or recently renovated.

Light and airy photos will go a long way to showing off your property’s best features, so make sure the photos are taken by a professional and not an amateur.

The property description

So many real estate listings are stuffed with superfluous adjectives that make it sound like your property is the Taj Mahal.

Rather than confusing or annoying prospective buyers with excessive and unnecessary descriptions, clearly describe your properties features factually, with a few key adjectives that entice the buyer to enquire further.

When it comes to the property description, you need to find the balance between too much and too little information.

Not enough information may frustrate prospective buyers and look like you have something to hide, but too much is also bad.

Put yourself in the buyer’s place and think about what you would want from a property.

Remember, you’re selling your property as a home. Buyers are looking for comfort, convenience and quality.

When writing your description be clear and concise, highlight things that are important to buyers and play up the benefits they will receive by purchasing your property.

Presentation and inspections

If you’ve successfully attracted interest with your listing, the final part of the marketing process is the inspection.

At the inspection, good presentation is an absolute must and is the most influential factor for buyers in making their decision. Good presentation will make for a good inspection.

But there needs to be congruency between the description, the photos on your listing and what prospective buyers see when they arrive for the inspection.

Of course your property needs to be spotless inside and out, but you should also think about the small cosmetic enhancements you can make.

A fresh coat of paint will go a long way to making a place look new and clean, and a neat garden and mowed lawn are essential.

Also, make sure you fix anything that is broken as buyers will be on the lookout for things like this.

Professional styling is also something to consider. Many professional styling companies can create packages to suit your budget, and this can go a long way to really selling your property at the crucial inspection time.

Essentially, you need to make your property as attractive as possible – both physically and when representing it in your listing.

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