Over 200 properties in 3 years

On 15 July 2014 in Achievements

It has been three years since we first opened our doors with just three staff members in the granny flat of a residential home.

We are now in commercial premises, our team has grown by five and our agency has won multiple awards for the BEST Small Agency in the NT!

To celebrate our third year as an established agency, we thought we would share some of the secrets to our success.

Although it’s no secret, the ongoing support from our families, friends, mentors, coaches and our valued clients has been vital to our achievements.

Every successful business owner will tell you how important it is to have a great support network – because everyone needs help, but only the strong admit it.

Other secrets to our success include being creative, providing great customer service, valuing employees and striving for excellence.

Be creative

When you are a business owner, the sky really is the limit in terms of creativity within your business.

As an entreprenuer in your own right, you have the choice to blend in with the rest or make people see why your business is different.

Embracing your creative streak can lead to the formation of great ideas – ideas that would not have been found without thinking outside the box.

Being creative has helped Call2View find a point of difference in the real estate industry, a difference that is explained below.

Provide great customer service

It’s quite obvious these days, that is, the difference in customer service between a small or locally owned business and a large corporation or franchised business.

With small businesses you are welcomed with a smile, treated like a person – not a number, and at the end of the day we get to know you in order to provide a service that suits your needs.

The larger the business, the further away the owner is from the day to day dealings which includes liaising with customers – these types of business owners lose touch with what is important; after all, without customers you will have no business.

Call2View agents genuinely want to help people sell their property and find their next home – we do it because we love it, not to pay the bills. Finding an employee that shares that same passion is hard to come by, which leads us to our next secret.

Value your employees

No matter how big or small a business is, it would be nothing without its employees. They are the people who invest their time and effort into your vision, your goals and your business.

Treating your employees with respect, listening to their suggestions and ensuring they have a supportive workplace environment is imperative to a successful business.

Call2View value each and every one of their employees. Leading a fun, dynamic and productive team has earnt us two awards for the best Small Agency in the NT – something that couldn’t have been possible without them.

Set goals and aim high

Those who set goals, both personal and business orientated, achieve more, demonstrate improved performance, have less stress and possess positive attitudes.

The benefits of setting goals are endless and having a clear direction of where you want to take your business will save you time on things that aren’t important and free up time for the things that are.

Call2View have regular workshops with mentors and coaches, plus frequnt team meetings and planning days. This ensures everyone is on the same page and understands what is needed to achieve great results year after year.

Well, the secrets are out! We hope you have found this blog helpful and can apply these secrets to your own business. 

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