Seven reno-free ways to update your home

On 15 August 2017 in Budget, Flipping, House, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Tips

Seven reno-free ways to update your home

Seven reno-free ways to update your home

Whether you have just moved into a new place or are just wanting to do a refresh of your current place, it is easy to get carried away with costly renovations you would like to do, but are not possible due to your budget. So, for the meantime, here are seven things you can do to turn your space into something that you love.

Give you home a deep cleanse

Ok, this one might seem a bit obvious and easier to palm off to a professional, however, if you do turn to an expert to do some of the heavy lifting, it is not quite like getting down and dirty yourself. It helps you bond with your home and get to know its structure and unique quirks. You cannot beat this sense of intimacy with your space. 

Respect the Past

Take a moment to step back and visualise what previous owners or architects had in mind when designing your home. Perhaps those hideous tiles you cannot stand may grow on you, and become one of your home’s idiosyncrasies. Wait it out, to see what it could be, before splurging on a new fit-out.

Change up your floor plan

Consider how you use your areas of your home, and choose your furniture to accommodate for this purpose. For example, don’t hold on to that large formal dining room if you only eat at the kitchen bench. It could instead be used as a study, and you could invest your money in some nice bar stools.

Cover it up

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to update a space is paint and textiles. Paint will freshen up any home in an instant- and white is always a safe option. For textiles, start with rugs and curtains, choosing styles that complement the period of your home. Experiment with cushion covers, it is incredible how much they can update a tired sofa.

Spruce up the bathroom

Bathrooms and kitchens are generally the most popular renovations because they get a lot of wear and tear, and their style tends to date the quickest. Look at all of the outdated knobs, light fixtures, vanity, shower curtains and taps. If you simply change one or two of the most outdated items, you can reform the look of your bathroom.

Make more space

Allocate a place for everything you own and everything you use. A little planning at the start will help you avoid clutter and keep your home tidy and manageable. Get rid of any possessions that are weighing you down and no longer serve a purpose.

Add your personal touch

If you have a particular passion or interest, make sure you tell your story. Are you an avid reader? Consider dedicating an entire wall to open shelving, instead of a sideboard and mirror. Displaying photos, personal collections and travel mementos are well-worn ways of reflecting and celebrating the people who live in a home, but there are also more subtle solutions. Fragrance is another way that that can bring an instant personal touch to a home.

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