Call2View’s 5 strategies for a winning rental application

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All those in the rental game let me see your hands…this one’s for you!

As you would all know, the Australian rental market can be brutally competitive – budget and geographical factors play a big role in this.

You could turn up to the inspection of your dream rental property and be faced with many other people, who are also there to view their perfect property.

So think about it…this isn’t the time to let little mistakes hold you back from getting the property of your dreams.

So in light of the above, we have set out five strategies below which will help in the rental application process – assisting you to stand out for all the right reasons, making your application a winner.

1. Choose the right references

It’s so important to have good quality references.

Don’t opt for someone who won’t be able to talk well on your behalf. An employer, work colleague, or previous landlord are generally your best options.

This way your referees will be able to genuinely and professionally respond on questions posed around you as a person and what you were like as a previous tenant - painting a good picture of what you would be like going into the new property.

Before submitting your rental application – be sure to update your referees. Not only is it polite to give them the heads up, but it will also remind them to pick-up a call from unknown numbers.

Let’s be honest here – if contacting referees becomes a mini mission…we’re not off to a good start (plus it delays the whole application process). In a space that is super competitive, creating hurdles with the application process is the biggest mistake any applicant could make.

A simple way to make your application easy to process is making sure referee contact details are up to date, for both business and non-business hours. This will make it easier for your references to be contacted and for your application to be approved quicker.

2. Fill-out the application in its entirety

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again! If you fail to fill out all necessary elements of the application, or forgot an attachment – you will not be chased for these missing details.

Successful applications, as already mentioned, are dependent on your application being easy for the real estate to process.

3. Have your finances in order

Have your bond and two weeks rent ready at your disposal. If your application is approved you will need to pay this to secure the property. Not having the funds available will delay this process and the property will still be marketed for rent to other potential tenants.

4. Personal presentation and punctuality

As the saying goes - ‘first impression matter.’ When looking to rent a property, a good first impression will significantly improve your chances of getting approved.

An on time, well-dressed, clean, and polite first impression assures the real estate agent that they will be an ideal tenant.

5. Complete proof of income

It’s important to include all of your streams of income when showing proof of income. Your proof of income should include: work wages, government support, disability benefits, support from family (this is especially important for student renters), child support payments, alimony, and any other forms of income.

By providing the real estate with the complete picture of your financial situation, they will be able to properly assess if the property is for you.

If you follow these five strategies, finding your dream rental property should be a breeze.

For more helpful information and property inquires contact us on (08) 8932 8858.

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