Great customer service goes a long way

On 06 September 2016 in Darwin, Jody Hayes, Adam Hayes, Market, Results, Statistics, Success, Tips, Customer Service

Great customer service experiences do create a stand out brand.

Yes...we've all been surprised by how both wonderful and terrible customer service experiences can be, and how it can leave a lasting impression on a brand.

Remember that marketing strategy called 'word of mouth'? Well it still exists - ever strong with the availability of social media and online platforms.

It's a case of every little detail counts, and customers will recall their experiences about the product they purchased or the service they received from the first moment of contact to the final moments the transaction.

These details that customers notice are details that make them feel good about not only making the overall purchase or closing the deal, but undertaking the transaction with a particular business or brand.

So to create that great customer service experience, it's important to start by keeping the end in mind. And by this we mean to think about how you want your customer to feel during and after interacting with your product or service.

However, it is important to keep in mind that your product or service won;t be for everyone - so zone in on your target market and cater for them.

Your brand does set you apart from your competition. It's not all about visual marketing collateral such as logos and websites - it's about the way a product or service is provided.

And while it is true that a customer's initial engagement is often generated by the way a brand is marketed, actually keeping them hooked means a business must have some brand experiences that surpass their expectations and leave a mark...a memorable mark that is!

To stand out from the rest in your marketplace you must offer something that is individual and captivating.

Think about the following points when creating a great customer service experience for your customers - done right, this will boost customer loyalty.

- Be attentive

- Give recognition

- Personalise the experience

- Be considerate

- Have appreciation

- Create happiness

Any business can do the big things right, but it's the little things that differentiate one business from another and that ultimately guide customers to choose one over the other.

So how does your brand form your culture and deliver on your customer does your culture bring your brand to life?

At Call2View we put our customers' needs first - knowing from experience that great customer experience and doing things slightly different to the norm really does create a stand out brand.

Want to chat about our services? Give us a call on (08) 8932 8858.  

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