Decorating mistakes to avoid

On 25 August 2017 in Flipping, House, Property, Real Estate, Success, Tips

Decorating mistakes to avoid

Decorating your home can at times be a daunting task. Here are Call2View’s tips on things to avoid when you are decorating your home.

1. Not researching your furniture choices

Take the time to research before you buy items- especially the big-ticket ones such as a couch or dining set. Measure sizes, step it out, visit every store and compare prices.

2. Don’t settle just because it works

Do not feel like you have to rush into anything just to fill up the room. It is much better to wait until the perfect piece comes along. If you have a feeling a coffee table you’ve seen (which works) is too small, then don’t get it.

3. Don’t choose small art

Give your walls some attention and go BIG. Plus, you won’t have to buy a second piece. If you are creative, try painting your own.

4. Don’t push all of your furniture up against a wall

It makes the space smaller. By pulling the furniture away from the walls, you are giving the room ‘breathing space.

5. Rugging up wrong

Rugs are essential to adding colour and interest to a room. Ensure you don’t settle for a small rug, if you have a huge space and couch, a postage stamp sized rug throws the proportion of the room out.


We know it is hard when Kmart have so many affordable homeware items, that it is easy to buy one of everything and fill every corner and surface in your home. Well thought out, but minimalised accessories is always on trend. Overcrowded homes can be stressful, see if it is time for you to have a big cull at your home.

7.Choosing pieces based only on looks

Of course, the aesthetics of a piece are important, however, it is not everything. Consider the function and comfort of an item. Nobody wants to be in a room that is uncomfortable.

8. Matchy-Matchy décor

Furniture tends to be sold in sets when you are at a store, however it can sometimes dull the charisma of a space. Mix-and-match your beloved items with the new to keep things interesting.

Finally, rules are meant to be broken, so these tips are certainly not gospel. Hopefully these tips will provide you with inspiration on how to style your home. 

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