Drone Technology - Changing the Face of Real Estate

On 09 August 2016 in Adam Hayes, Jody Hayes, Buying, Selling, Confidence, Darwin, Digital, Market, Results, Statistics, Success, Technology, Tips

We want you all to take a minute to think about a world where the postie doesn't exist...a world where drones flies into your property to deliver your mail.

Well...we are no longer looking into the future with this - this is very much reality! At least it is for countries overseas, and could be coming to Australia in the near future.

But drone technology is not only being considered for postal deliveries; it's also being considered for a range of commercial and civil applications, and yes it is predicted that their use will increase dramatically during the coming decade.

Drone photography is changing the face of the Real Estate industry...that's right - real estate agents and vendors are looking to this technology to visualise properties to buyers from angles and heights never seen before!

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are gradually being used within the industry to offer an improved overview of the property, and the surrounding area.

Drone Real Estate photography can really boost a property's profile - it assists in communicating the key features of a home...the features which are crucial in selling a property.

Certain aspects of drone photography completely outweigh that of regular photography, these aspects include:

- The size of a block,

- Where a home sits on a property,

- Where a home is situated in a neighbourhood,

- And a home's proximity to parks, transport, shops and schools.

Some tips for those of you considering opting for aerial photography when selling a property:

- Are there any visual obstructions on your property, such as trees or powerlines? - As these will minimise full vision.

- Informing neighbours in advance, so that you can work through any issues they may have prior to starting.

- Planning ahead and deciding what aspect of the property/local area you'd like to focus on.

- And lastly (and most importantly) checking that the drone operator is fully licensed before getting them out to do the job!

As with all technology - drones are still going through drastic changes and improvements, and with time they have become, and will continue to become, much smaller - allowing for greater versatility.

Call2View have access to drone photography - so if you are looking at selling and want to access a drone to capture your property and stand out from the rest - give us a call on (08) 8932 8858.  

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