What does the future of real estate look like?

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Imagine a real estate conference headlining Sir Richard Branson and an A-class line-up of Australia’s top real estate agents.

Last week our very own CEO Adam Hayes & Managing Director Jody Hayes lived this exact reality at ‘The Titans of Real Estate’ Event in Brisbane, and were proud to announce Call2View's sponsorship of the event.

Call2View’s mentor, motivator and real estate coach, Glenn Twiddle, who bought Arnold Schwarzenegger to Brisbane in March, hosted his most recent event at the Royal International Convention Centre at the Ekka Showgrounds over September 8 and 9.

Call2View’s Jody Hayes spoke at the event, imparting her knowledge and sharing the stage with Sir Branson, who spoke about the future of the real estate industry.

Sir Richard Branson discussed digital disruption, including how he might disrupt the industry if Virgin decided to move into real estate.

Big name real estate gurus who also took to the stage comprised of the best performers from this year’s top 100 ranking agents; including number one James Tostevin, number two Alexander Phillips, and number three Marcus Chiminello; along with Australia's most media-savvy real estate agent, John McGrath.

Over the two days of the event, the ‘Titans of Real Estate' were asked to put their focus onto pending questions surrounding the real estate industry.

Questions included – ‘what is working now and what do you see the success stories of tomorrow doing’, ‘what behaviours will they exhibit’, ‘what marketing weapons will they have at their disposal and what will their teams look like’?

Day one was crammed with some of the most well-known real estate gurus, including Australia’s top three agents. There was a huge amount of brilliant ideas shared by each Titan; here’s a hand full of takeaways from day one:

  • Write goals down every day to advertise to yourself - Tom Panos
  • Property Runs – Why do we still go out to see a property? We have virtual tours and images now. Technology has advanced - use it - James Tostevin
  • Keep an eye on the new space – The connected space. Bloggers, Instagram. Building big followers - Mat Steinwede
  • Do something every 3 months to give back to community - Tom Carlin
  • Market yourself as a product. Have a profile – be known in your area. Create your brand - Deborah Evans
  • Real estate success is 90% energy and passion - Chris Gilmour
  • Great agent = Sexy brand + Wow service + Volume. Become obsessed with customer service - Phil Harris
  • Reward your team well – If targets are met, shout them a trip away with their partner or take the team on a retreat - Alexander Phillips

Day two had a lot to live up to after day one, and it did just that! The second day of ‘The Titans of Real Estate’ was action packed with more Australian real estate professionals and of course the largely anticipated Sir Richard Branson. Here were some points we took away:

  • Become an specialist, with the goal to become a celebrity specialist – get in the media/write a book - Glenn Twiddle
  • Key to success is you have to have a database - Adrian Bo
  • An evolutionary change is needed to stay relevant and keep up with the changes - Aaron Sansoni
  • To be in the top 1% in the country, you need to be doing 3.5 appraisals a week - Successful people do daily what people do occasionally - John McGrath
  • Build a business where staff are happy, believe in what you’re doing, and your customers will have a great experience - Sir Richard Branson

Success doesn’t happen overnight; success will happen with hard work and a passion for what you do. Sir Branson’s business is the perfect example of this; initially beginning as Virgin Blue the company started with 2 planes. With passion and quality customer service, Virgin Australia now has 10,000 staff and 15 planes, not to mention his successful business in other sectors, with more than 400 branded companies worldwide and employing more than 60,000 people in over 50 countries.

Overall, an incredible event, full of ideas for career success. At Call2View we believe that in order to achieve success, businesses need to not only attend powerful events as such, but must also implement these ideas and knowledge learnt. 

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