Home staging tips that will sell your property

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Marketing your home to attract the right buyer improves your chances of getting your desired asking price.

An entire sub-section of the real-estate market is called “home staging.” Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale; with the goal of staging to present the property in its ideal state, to appeal to the highest number of potential buyers. The more interested buyers the more likely the property will sell swiftly and at a higher price.

Here are Call2View’s top tips to help create the idealised vision of your home.

1. Repairs and maintenance

Walk around your home and identify anything that needs to be repaired: from the big problems, to the little day-to-day things that need fixing. Any signs of damage, even the little things that you have learnt to live with, a buyer will notice.

When potential buyers see a broken fly screen, a leaking tap, or some chipped paint - instead of picturing this as their dream hope - they’ll see all the work they’ll have to do if they buy this house.

2. Boost curb appeal

It is common for people interested in viewing your home to do a quick drive by, to suss out if it’s worth a look. For this reason you should make the outside of your home as polished as possible. Blooming gardens, mowed lawn, and a power-cleaned driveway will get them in the door.

3. Fix your floors

All floors should, at the bare minimum, be thoroughly cleaned (wooden floors polished and steam clean carpets). If your floors are in poor shape consider getting them refinished. If you don’t want to make this financial investment, a few strategically placed rugs can go a long way.

4. De-Clutter

Clearing all the clutter in your home is not an easy task, but if you’re serious about selling your home it must all go! Cluttered homes give the impression of a lack of storage and makes the rooms look less spacious.

Rent a storage unit, put your excess stuff at a friend or family’s home, or hide it in a shed if you don’t want to purge, but bottom line is the clutter must go!

5. Get your house sparkling clean

Every surface should sparkle: from the floor to ceiling and everything in between should be impeccable. This is the easiest way to make you home more appealing. If you have a large house consider hiring professional cleaners to make it shine, it’ll be worth that small investment in the long-run.

6. Balance between clean and lived-in

While it is important to clean and de-clutter, you don’t want your home to look staged (even though it is). Think flowers in vases, a full fruit bowl, and a styled dining room table. Give the impression that this is what this house looks like day-to-day.

7. Use sophisticated neutral colours

Even if lime green is your favourite colour, it’s unlikely that a buyer’s taste will match your own. Creating a neutral colour palette makes your décor palatable to a wide arrange of potential buyers.

8. Open your closets

Let visitors get nosy and check out your storage. As you should have already de-cluttered by this point, your closets should look organized and spacious. Closet space could either make or break a sale, so show yours off!

9. Stage outdoor areas

This step may sound a little ridiculous, but staging outdoor areas makes a difference. Adding a table to even the smallest of balconies adds appeal. Create a space that make people go… “Wouldn’t that be a lovely spot to have breakfast?!”

10. Get rid of pet odors

If you have animals get you rugs steam cleaned, light candles; generally do anything that will get rid of any pet odor. While other animal lovers may not be bothered by the smell, the odor of your furry friends will repel those who are not.

The purpose of these tips is to create the overall impression of a lifestyle people are willing to pay for. The better you make your property look, the more people you will attract - which gives you a better chance of attracting the right buyers.

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