How to: make your house a home

On 21 April 2015 in Adam Hayes, Buying, Darwin, Jody Hayes, Peter Kafkas, Tips

The word home may be the most heartfelt, emotional, one-syllable word ever created – would you agree?

Our homes are our sanctuaries in life, a place where we feel comfortable and at ease, and if you’ve just bought a house or signed a lease, it can take some time until it starts to feels like the safe haven we desire.

To help you speed up the process, here are a few of our favourite things that can transform a house into a home.

  • Get to know your house

After life returns to normality after moving day and everything’s in its place, spend some quality time in your new abode. Use the space in your house to familiarise yourself with its characteristics. Break the home-dinner-TV-bed routine and you’ll start to appreciate and embrace the space you’re in.

It’s like dating – after the third date you’re bound to feel more comfortable.

  • Create your comfy retreat

This can be a day bed by the window, a bean bag in the corner or that La-Z-Boy you love and adore. You need somewhere other than your bed or bedroom to feel comfortable. Being able to relax there after work or laze around reading will help bring on that homely feeling.

  • Channel the MasterChef within

For many, a house isn't a home until it's been cooked in – so get cooking! You’ve probably ordered takeaway for the first week because you still can’t find the energy to cook after moving day, but cooking your first meal in your new house will bring back some routine and familiarity.

  • Showcase your collections (sorry, we’re not talking about your stamp book)

What we are talking about is photos of loved ones, your favourite ornaments and sentimental bits and bobs you just can’t let go of. These all tell the story of who you and your family are and where you've been. Once these are on display, you’ll be feeling at home in no time.

  • Play your favourite music

Some of the strongest memories you can make often involve music, and the same goes for reminiscing. Put some music on while you do your first round of housework or enjoy it in the background while eating dinner. It will boost your mood, bring back good memories and in turn, make you feel happy and comfortable in your own home.

  • Make new memories

If you skipped right to the bottom hoping there was a miracle way to make your new house feel like a home, you’re in luck.

If all else fails, try this: invite your closest friends and family for over for a BBQ and spend the day together enjoying great food and even better company. Every new memory you make will leave its impression long after your company has left; the feelings of unfamiliarity will soon fade away and leave you with a new sense of ‘home sweet home’.


What do you do to make your house feel like a home?

We’d love to hear your ideas!

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