Homepass Launches With Call2View

On 03 May 2016 in Adam Hayes, Buying, Darwin, Property Management, Tips, Selling

Switch on your property experience with Homepass

At Call2View Real Estate we are always looking to reinvent the customer experience?

“Today’s customers expect outstanding experiences. They want everything to be simple, and they want it all on their mobile,” says Adam Hayes. At Call2View we are always looking at transforming our open homes and raising the bar for customer experience.”

Once Homepass is installed on our mobile or tablet, we can register inspection visitors with a few taps, send a personal SMS welcome and mobile brochure to their visitor’s mobile, and instantly see a rich customer profile – enabling a more informed conversation.

Homepass Launches With Call2View

Homepass transforms your mobile into the ultimate customer interaction tool.

“With Homepass, our team better understand who the client is, their needs and what relationships they already have with our team and agency,” says Adam.

In the near future we will further extend the experience, Homepass also offers signboard beacons for 24/7 mobile marketing, a kiosk app for an impressive entry, and a free consumer app that even allows visitors to check in automatically – as they walk in.

With agents competing in a crowded marketplace, Adam believes tomorrow’s real estate leaders will continue to improve their customer experience as a competitive differentiator. “When you give visitors an amazing experience, they are more likely to choose you to sell their own homes.”

“Vendors appreciate they’re choosing an agent who not only has the right experience to sell their home, but also leverages the best technology.”

Homepass Launches With Call2View

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