How to create a home office that you’ll love working in

On 25 October 2017 in Design, Flipping, House, Productivity, Success

How to create a home office that you’ll love working in

Are you one of the lucky people of the world who can work from home? The upsides are highly documented, with a better work-life balance, no commute and the ability to design a work area you LOVE. A great workspace should have the perfect balance of comfort and inspiration with a dash of fun. Check out our tips on how to create the ultimate home office. One that makes you super productive and happy.

1. Walls

Neutral colours are best. Your wall colour should make you feel empowered but not overwhelm the space. Cream, off-white, grey and taupe are all extremely versatile and can be restyled seasonally and continually add freshness to your workspace. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of yellow, it has been known to inspire creativity and bring on the happy hormones.

2. Desk

To avoid clutter and over-styling the home by selecting a minimalistic desk that has a sense of structure to frame the room. It is essential to follow ergonomic rules, meaning that that top of your computer should be at eye level or a little below, as you scan down the screen, your eyes will naturally close a bit and lock the moisture in, reducing eye fatigue. When selecting a chair, try and avoid that gorgeous upholster dining room chair you spotted on Pinterest, and opt for something more practical. Whilst it may look great, it won’t support your back. But it is important to LOVE your chair to make you want to put in the hours, select a chair with a dash of colour and it will add that element of fun to the workspace.

3. Lighting

Ensure that you are embracing the natural light. Move that desk close to the window to avoid recreating a corporate cubicle. This will give you all of the happiness benefits of natural light and the perfect reason to turn away from the computer every few minutes. For the darker hours of the day, invest in table lamps which offer a nice glow whilst offering a design feature.

4. Storage

A common problem with home offices is that you end up having paper everywhere. Filing cabinets aren’t the most appealing piece of furniture, but you do need a place to store paperwork. Wall storage it a wonderful way to utilise space, especially if you are the kind of person that needs to see things to remember them. On this note, hide things that you don’t want to look at including power cords or printers.

5. Inspiration

Look for ways to incorporate inspiration into your office. Perhaps it is a chalkboard wall where you can jot down thoughts, comfy space including a chair and a luxurious throw where you can take breaks, or some greenery to bring some of that outside goodness into your space. 

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