Call2View’s steps to breaking out of the New Year’s rut

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Call2View had such a big year in 2015, from leading the industry in social media innovation and video marketing/3D imaging to attending and speaking at major events – where we met the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sir Richard Branson just to name a couple.

It is a big year to follow on from, however we do have big plans in sight for 2016, with an exciting Darwin exclusive Success and Wealth Creation event to kick-start the year on Wednesday 10 February.

We are very excited to get stuck into 2016 and thought it was an appropriate time to talk about setting New Year’s resolutions.

As we all know those New Year’s resolutions which are stated with great intent at the beginning of each year, but are never actioned past the first week or two of January.

And yes we are talking about those familiar resolution such as eating healthier, losing weight, quitting smoking or making a better effort to save more money. They are so familiar because somewhere down the line, we’ve all written them out.

At Call2View we are all about planning, as it is so easy to fall behind or miss great opportunities if things are left to the last minute.

And the same thing applies here; failure to plan will inevitably lead to you being in the same place this time next year.

So here are our four tips to breaking out of the New Year’s rut -

Step 1 - Plot out your path

It’s 2016; don’t let another year pass by that you look back on and wonder why you’re no better off.

It really is just like organising a holiday road trip: before you set off on your journey, you need to know where you are going and set your route to take you in that direction.

If you don’t set clear goals, you could end up anywhere...literally.

Of course, not everything goes to plan, and this is when you may need to reassess your situation and be open to advice which could help plot a new path.

Step 2 - Take advice on board

With the right guidance, goals can be set and achieved regardless of the circumstances.

A crucial challenge in goal setting is being realistic about what you can achieve, if you aim too high you’ll likely give up sooner rather than later.

In order to set realistic goals it is important to take the emotion out of the equation, by surrounding yourself with professionals who can give you the right advice at the right time – think of these people like mentors or coaches.

Step 3 - Enjoy the journey and keep track of progress

Time is a great leveller. Sticking to your plan means over time you will have overcome challenges which you may have doubted previously.

Every time you overcome a challenging hurtle along your journey, a new wave of hunger to overcome the next challenge will push you forward.

Keep a diary of your plan and note down the little and big points of success, and reward yourself along the way.

When you have achieved your desired goal/s, you can than look back at each of these stages and appreciate that the journey was worth it.

Step 4 – Take action now

We are already into the New Year, so start setting goals now if you haven’t already!

As we discussed above, this requires planning, the right advice and mentorship to help you achieve goals and a desire to make changes to your life TODAY.

Don't allow another year to slip away with yet another failed New Year’s resolution.

If buying your own home is a New Year’s Resolution of yours in 2016, give us a call on (08) 8932 8858 and we will mentor you through the process. 

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