Call2View’s exclusive one-on-one with Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Darwin property identities Adam and Jody Hayes along with Peter Kafkas were last week among a handful of agents lucky enough to meet the one and only, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

More than 1000 industry professionals attended the Queensland Real Estate Agents’ Summit 2015 in Brisbane, with only a few agents granted the opportunity to meet the international movie star at a VIP event.

Schwarzenegger is most notably known as an action man of the silver screen, and more recently a former governor of California; but did you know The Terminator star is also a property investment enthusiast?

“I made my first million in real estate, not in movies,” the former bodybuilding champ told the audience, captivating them with the story of how he built his wealth through property.

Since last year, Schwarzenegger has graced Australian television screens as the face of’s latest advertising campaign, showing his humorous side by confusing Australia with his homeland Austria and mispronouncing ‘Wagga Wagga’ as ‘Vagga Vagga’.

The Summit was hosted by Glenn Twiddle – Real Estate Training and attended by real estate agents, experts and trainers from around the world including Josh Altman from Million Dollar Listing LA, Tom Carlin and Chris Gilmour to name a few.

Call2View’s exclusive one-on-one with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Call2View’s Peter Kafkas took away six tips from Schwarzenegger’s inspirational speech, all of which are featured below:

Tip 1. Have a vision

Schwarzenegger’s first tip is about trusting yourself and having a vision.

Kafkas’ own vision was to meet Schwarzenegger – his childhood idol – and hear him speak at an event while rubbing shoulders with some of the best agents in the world.

Tip 2. Don’t listen to the naysayers

Schwarzenegger told the summit there will always be people who don’t believe in your idea, whether in the public arena or your personal life, but you won’t achieve your goal if you always believe your critics.

Tip 3. Think big

Kafkas says meeting and speaking to Schwarzenegger was an ambitious goal, but one that he has pulled off.

Tip 4. Work hard

Schwarzenegger told the room there is no substitute for hard work when it comes to achieving your goals.

Tip 5. Don’t have a Plan B

Schwarzenegger believes people who always have a Plan B are in some ways becoming their own naysayer.

For his part, Kafkas says he was told the fun themed videos he creates to sell property are unprofessional and would ruin his reputation; but there was no Plan B.

Tip 6. Give something back

Schwarzenegger’s sixth tip is something Adam and Jody, and Team Kafkas admits they are proud of – giving something back to the community.

During his seven years as governor of California, Schwarzenegger did not take a wage, instead choosing to give his salary of hundreds of thousands of dollars back to the state.

“It was his way of giving something back,” Kafkas says.


And just in case you were wondering, yes, he did drop a few of his famous lines including, “I’ll be back” and “Get to the chopper!”

What would you have asked Arnie? 

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