Open for inspection: How to present your property for sale

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People buy properties which they can connect to - they buy properties that they can walk through and imagine themselves living in.

Buyers are visual!

When a property is on the market, prospective buyers have the opportunity to view the home – we call this an ‘open house’.

For a buyer, visiting open homes is a great way to observe whether a property suits their needs, as well as getting a feel for the home and its location.

So it’s fair to say that an open house is a significant component of the buying process – it could be the final thing that pushes a buyer over the line or the reason not to make an offer.

First impressions really do last and the more desirable your property appears, the better the asking price becomes. Here are Call2View’s top tips for presenting a property for inspection:

Clean, tidy and well-maintained

The best place to start is by cleaning up! The last thing buyers want to see is clutter about the place. Make sure benches and tables are cleared and wiped down, cupboards that could be opened are neat and tidy, and all floors and surfaces are spotless.

And don’t just put all your energy into the inside, as the outside is just as important. Clean gutters, mow lawns, remove fallen leaves from pools and clear the walk way to the entrance.

Light, air and aromas

Open up doors and windows leading up to the open house to let in fresh air – this is especially important if your home has been subject to cigarette smoke and pets, and leave them open when the open house occurs. There’s nothing worse for a buyer then feeling trapped in a stuffy space.

Place vases of flowers in central locations for not only a visual appeal, but also for a pleasant perfume. And to really go that extra mile – pre-make some baked goods prior to the open home, to fill the kitchen space with a homely aroma and leave them displayed on the bench top just for that point of difference!

Make sure there is enough natural light streaming into the home by drawing back curtains and blinds – this also shows off your home from a street view.

Decorate - what’s trending?

Channel your inner styling skills…or google what’s trending in the world of interior design! Little touches such as making beds and fluffing pillows do matter!

Trending in 2016 are pastel colours, metallic finishes and eye catching pendant lights. Don’t be afraid to use soft pinks and cooper tones. If you want to play it safe use a more neutral palette.

Get that temperature right

Think about the viewers comfort on the day – if its hot crank up the air-con to a suitable coolness, if it’s wet and cold then opt for the heating.

The idea is to make the experience seamless for the viewers – you need to demonstrate that the property can readily accommodate the climate around it.

Make yourself scarce

Leave it in the sales agent’s safe hands and vacate the property for a few hours while the open house is occurring – there’s nothing more uncomfortable then having the owners of the home watching you as you inspect a property! 

Need to talk to us further about your upcoming open house? Give us a call on (08) 8932 8858.  

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