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Moving house? Whether that be to a newly purchased property or even just to your next rental, it’s a daunting process and usually unearths dread from the majority of us.

And so it should! The hours spent packing bags, wrapping and boxing breakable goods and taking down furniture; not to mention unpacking at the other end.

So, let’s not deny the fact that it’s a marathon effort!

Having said this, the silver lining lies with the final product – that product being the new home of your dreams, and that’s worth all that time and stress.

All this aside, when it comes to moving, planning your move is key. Planning can reduce stress and make the process more efficient.


Packing is truly an art form. Never pack too much into one box, use plastic tubs where possible and make sure you give yourself enough time to pack before the moving day – if possible give yourself a six week head start for big moves.

Labelling is a must in our books! Label each box with the room it will go to and the main content of the box. If the box includes breakable goods, make a point of this on the outside of the box.

Decluttering is always a good strategy; use this packing time to sort through unwanted items and pass them onto friends or charities.


Hiring a removalist reduces the amount of work you do, however this can be expensive depending on the distance from A to B. You can usually rest assured that your furniture and goods are in the safe hands of experienced professionals.

On the other hand, using a friends Ute potentially means having to make more than one trip, but can come at a much cheaper price. Keep in mind that furniture and goods need to be safely wrapped to avoid damage.

If the decision is made to go with a removalist, our best advice is to simply research the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) online and select your state for local removal companies. Most removal companies allow you to request a quote online, and we suggest getting a few different quotes in order to make the best choice.

REMEMBER – any furniture added after the quote has been made will mean further costs. Be sure to ask questions upfront like: how does your company charge - is it hourly, depot to depot or per item and are packing materials included in the price?


Spending that extra bit more on insurance is always the best option.

Most of the time, if you pack your own goods, the movers will take no responsibility for any damaged goods. However, some removalists will offer transit insurance, which covers you in extreme circumstances.


Yes, professional packers/unpackers do exist, and can come in handy when your new home is cluttered with boxes. You can hire professionals to and unpack the entire home or a single room, keeping in mind the rates are usually hourly and can be fairly high.

What moving process do you like to follow? We would love to hear what you have to say on the topic. 

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