Gone are the days of Snail Mail?

On 01 March 2016 in Tips, Success, Results, Jody Hayes, Darwin, Confidence, Adam Hayes

Remember the days of pen pals…when communication was conducted through the postal system…the days of snail mail?

As Digital Immigrants would remember, and by digital immigrants we mean those born pre advent of digital technology, a large proportion of weekly excitement stemmed from the sound of the postman’s motorcycle!

If you’re a digital native, someone born during or after the rise of digital technology, this excitement around the postman’s visit isn’t fully understood - unless of course the postman is delivering a new pair of shoes you bought off eBay!

Generation Y (1981-1994) and Generation Z (1995-2009) have been labelled as the Internet addicted and technology focused bracket of our society – they are the social media savvy/iPad generations.

So the question stands – has the days of good old snail mail gone? Yes, we’re talking about those days of real-life handwriting – not typing, autocorrect or 140-character limits!

The world of technology is changing at such a rapid pace, that we either have to keep up or fall behind our competition. However, this doesn’t mean we have to completely lose tradition. Here’s why we think you should get back into putting pen to paper in 2016:

For the sake of education

Remember in early primary school when getting your pen licence was a fairly large privilege? Despite the incorporation of technology such as iPads into classrooms, handwriting is still an integral part of the education system.

Cognitive benefits

Following on from this, the practice of hand writing has many cogitative benefits. Research has shown that rewriting our notes by hand means that we are more likely to remember them. It also allows you more time to re-evaluate what you have written, permitting additional observation.

It’s a form of art and represents culture

Handwriting is a form of art and an important life skill. Styles of handwriting are exclusive to the individual and something which simply cannot be replicated with a keyboard, consequently forming an irreplaceable part of culture.

Nobody reads SPAM

In an era where emails and messages can be sent to anyone in a split second, it makes the act of ignoring emails very easy to do, especially when it comes to the large quantities of SPAM bouncing around. A letter is professional and potentially a more likely way to get the attention of the person you are targeting.

Letters are special

A hand written letter is special simply because it is personable; a handwritten note is a way of personalizing thoughts while simultaneously telling the reader they are special.

At Call2View we pride ourselves on our personal touch – it’s a marketing tool that requires no technology which simply keeps clients coming back time and time again or keeps clients referring us to others by word of mouth.

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