What should businesses be sharing on Social Media?

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Social media is built on content sharing - whether that be in the form of original or shared videos, images or copy.

Because lets face it...you need content to achieve your social media goals, and yes all businesses should have social media goals.

Business social media platforms should have a regular flow of content, with a minimum of three posts per week, to keep followers interested in your products or services and to entice potential clients.

And while the most organised amongst us would usually have a content calendar (or 'content pillars' as the more savvy social media experts are now saying) planned a head of time, there will always be opportunities that pop up for additional content to be shared.

Timing is everything! So don't just plan out and schedule your month of social media and leave it at that. Done right, social media can increase a brands business significantly, and hey it's a free marketing/advertising tool...so use it for all its worth.

If you're struggling to create content for your businesses social media pages' follow our list below for ideas on what to share with your followers.

1. Post links to your content

Don't just stop at uploading the businesses' blogs to your website or videos to your YouTube channel...push them out a little further and promote them on your social media platforms.

This kind of sharing of content will get your website more traffic and your YouTube Channel more video views/subscribers.

If your business has been covered in the media, this is another good source of content to share - upload new clippings or share online news links.

2. Share/Regram/Retweet your industries influencer's content

Yes that's right - social media platforms allow us (for maybe the first time ever) to re-use content, word for word!

On social media it's not considered stealing or copywriting if we give credit where credit is due. But be careful how you do so...if you don't know how to appropriately give credit, we suggest Googling that prior to sharing, regraming or retweeting someone's content.

By doing this, you are strengthening industry relationships with influencers in your network and it also sends out a message to your followers that you support other businesses, and that you are willing to share valuable content.

3. Use social media to generate leads

You have followers on your social media platforms due to people valuing what you have to say or what your business has to offer.

So if your business has a special offer with a service, product, workshop or seminar, then leverage it in your social media. Don't miss out on any opportunity to build up a subscriber/attendance list!

If your business budget allows for social media spend, give these type of posts additional reach by using boosting tools on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (or all three).

4. Be as visual as possible in your content sharing

Research has indicated that content with images gets 94 percent more traction than that of text-only content. Visual content is captivating and easier to take in - remember most social media platforms are fairly informal.

Use anything from infographics, images (both animated and static) and videos to keep your followers engage.

5. Use audience engaging status updates

Mix it up with engaging posts that maximises audience involvement, encourages feedback and sparks interesting conversations. Social media is a medium which promotes two-way communication after all.

Pose questions for your followers to answer or ask for advice on certain matters (this, this or this?). Just have a bit of fun!

6. Push out competitions every now and again

We all know people like freebies! Social media competitions not only stimulates likes, shares and comments (reach) - but are also a good way to give back to your community of followers/supporters.

7. Use social media as a platform for recognising accomplishments

Social media is a great platform for publicly - announcing business or employee accomplishments. This will give your social media platforms an element of human interest, and is a great method for building your industry network. 

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