Ways to go green – building a sustainable home and lifestyle

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Ways to go green – building a sustainable home and lifestyle

There is a lot of buzz around sustainability and eco-friendliness these days, but how exactly do we achieve sustainability? For those unfamiliar with the sustainability concept, it’s about making environmentally conscious choices that maintain our future.

Let us reassure you, this does not mean you need to stop showering and start living out of a tent! And it doesn’t mean you need to veto your luxuries, but it is about being aware of your resource consumption and reducing unnecessary waste.

Reduce household energy use

Think of saving energy as saving money, because it’s true – conserving energy will help reduce your electricity bill and there are so many ways you can achieve this! Set your washing machine to warm or cold – not the hot setting, make sure your dishwasher is full every time you run it and replace old appliances with energy-efficient models – look for the Energy Star Label. You can also change the lighting in your home from traditional light bulbs to CFL, hang your clothes on the line rather than using a dryer, install energy-efficient appliances and turn off appliances and lights you’re not using. Did you know most electronic devices, particularly phone chargers, keep drawing electricity even when they are off or not charging your device? When these electronics are not in use, pull the plug to save energy.

Recycle religiously

You would be amazed by how many recyclable products are sent to landfill due to lack of effort or awareness. Now you may or may not be thinking, but it’s just one plastic bottle or it’s just one cereal box.

But recycling correctly has huge environmental benefits! Rather than sending more trash to landfills, waste products are converted back to new products, saving resources and reducing water and air pollution. The whole idea of recycling is to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Dispose of e-waste correctly

You may think e-waste consists of just large electronic items, but did you know that batteries are considered e-waste? Make sure you dispose all your e-waste correctly, this includes televisions, phones, batteries, old toasters and much more! To find out what is considered e-waste and the proper disposal methods look to your local council or this information site might point you in the right direction. 

Water wisdom

It’s one of the easiest ways to live more sustainability – conserve household water! And with the costs of water on the rise it’s one to consider. The first step is to repair all the leaks in your home, this may be as simple as visiting your local hardware store and buying new washers or calling a plumber. Other things you can do include installing a low-flow toilet and low-flow shower heads.


More and more households have installed solar panels and it’s a great way to cut your electricity bill and add value to your home. The initial outlay may hurt a little, but they provide energy reliability and security and save you money in the long run. Once you’re all set up with solar, they can last for years!

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