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Smoke alarms fact sheets

Fact sheets for property owners about the regulations, legislation and guidelines for installing and maintaining smoke alarms in your Northern Territory property.

Where do smoke alarms have to be installed?

Covers the dwelling types that require smoke alarms in the Northern Territory.

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Smoke alarm installation requirements

Install smoke alarms must comply with certain codes and regulations.

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Smoke alarm maintenance

All smoke alarms must be maintained and tested in accordance with Northern Territory regulations.

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Smoke alarm testing

Regular testing of smoke alarms is mandatory in the Northern Territory.

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Smoke alarms: Agents acting as owners

When can your property manage act on your behalf in managing smoke alarms? There are two scenarios.

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Interfering with smoke alarms

Smoke alarms must not be interfered with in the following ways.

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In tenancies: Maintenance of smoke alarms

What you must do, upon the start of a tenancy agreement, to maintain the smoke alarms in your property.

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Information about smoke alarms

General information about smoke alarms in property.

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Smoke alarm legislation

Overview of the legislation governing smoke alarms in Northern Territory dwellings.

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